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Why Maxi?

When it comes to nutrition, you are always looking for something better. Better than what you have known before. Better than the millions of Americans living unhealthy lifestyles. And better than the no-name brands of unproven vitamins and supplements.

That’s why Maxi works for you. We are committed to not only developing the best formulas, but to also invest in scientific harmony from one formula to the next. All products in the Maxi catalog are designed to work together with one another, taking the guesswork out of your health routine.

Pick up any Maxi product knowing it will never let you down.
We think twice. So you don’t have to.


We source the finest, purest raw materials from all over the globe, and manufacture products to meet or exceed CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Our formulas are thoroughly lab tested from raw material evaluation through finished product.

Uniquely Kosher

Maxi is under strict supervision of the Badatz, Orthodox Union (OU), and the Udvari Kashruth (UK). These certifications offer additional assurance of our purity and quality. Through extensive research and collaboration with the world’s best laboratories, we also succeeded in developing hard-to-find kosher specialty items, including glucosamine sulfate, standardized grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, Maxi Kyolic, Maxi Biotic and many more.


Enzymax® is a unique and vital digestive enzyme complex of bromelain, papain, amylase, protease and lipase. It makes our products more bioavailable, helping your body draw out the maximum wellness benefits of each Maxi supplement and vitamin.

The proof is in the potency

By putting research, testing and true expertise first, we have the goods to back up our wellness claims. See what the health community says about Maxi to learn more about how our products build your body from the inside out.

Dear Maxi Health. I had many sinus infections, which ended up with temperature and antibiotics. Then I found out about Maxi Biotic. The next time it reoccurred I didn't wait, instead I took Maxi Biotic for a few days. It got better right away and disappeared. Thanks for such a miraculous vitamin!

— Mailed by: Chaya Stern, on 17/11/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

When my children come down with a virus, I give them 1 teaspoon of Maxi Immune Support with a teaspoon of Maxi Buffered C Powder to supress the high fever instead of Tylenol. Usually the virus is gone in a day or two.

— M. Moskovits, on 23/04/2013 reviewed Immune Support™ (Orange Flavor)1