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I suffered a lot from constipation. I tried many things but nothing helped long term. I heard about Maxi Health's Magnesium Citrate Tablets. I have been using them now for about 3 years. The results are astounding! I now feel comfortable and can go about my day with a clear head.

Mrs. E from Williamsburg; Brooklyn, NY, on 6/29/2017 reviewed Maxi Magnesium Citrate™

Putting my children to sleep used to be the most difficult task of my day. Since I started giving my children 1/4 or less of a 1 mg tablet, putting them to bed is a breeze. They get a good nights rest and as a matter of fact they became better students. Thanks for creating Mel-O-Chews. 

GT of Williamsburg: Brooklyn, NY, on 6/29/2017 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I had some dark spots on my face, and I started taking the Maxi EPO. The spots disappeared and never returned. Thank you Maxi Health.

Ninoska tatis, on 4/4/2017 reviewed Maxi Premium EPO™

My doctor told me that I was low on vitamin D. I was relieved to find kosher ones available after almost buying the non Kosher ones from CVS.

Chaim F, on 2/16/2017 reviewed Maxi D3 1000™

I usually like to apply B12 patches but Triple B lozenges are tasty and they help my energy level and numbness.

RF, on 12/24/2016 reviewed Triple B Lozenges™

My 2 and a half year old turned out to be low in Vitamin D.  We started talking it and our vitamin D level went up.

Mrs. F Of Monsey, NY, on 2/21/2016 reviewed Chew D Max 1000™

My son is in a main stream cheddar. He was really falling behind.  Family members suggested Maxi Omega Yums!. The results were amazing. He was not only able to stay in his class but keeps up with everyone else. Thanks so much.

Mrs. K of Williamsburg, NY, on 2/19/2015 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

In our family we use a lot of Kyolic Liquid. My daughter loves it, it is her best friend when she has a throat or ear infection. She already knows to ask for it.

GB of Monroe, NY, on 1/4/2015 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I give my kids Panto C liquid in the winter to dry up their colds.

S.L of Boro Park, NY, on 12/15/2014 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

I highly recommended this product. . It's Kosher also Halal for Muslims.. and it's gave you your needs from Omega3 with great quality oil.
thank you Maxi-Health

Abdull, on 12/1/2014 reviewed Maxi Omega 3™ Concentrate

I was very low in Iron & after a week of taking the Maxi Ferrochel my Iron levels went up a full point. My doctor was very satisfied with the results.

thank you

From Monroe NY, on 8/13/2014 reviewed Maxi Ferrochel 25™

Getting my kids back to schedule after Yom Tov was always a struggle. Even before I started cooking, I feared the post Yom Tov schedule would be a disaster. My kids were tired and cranky throughout the day and hyper at bedtime. This would typically go on for weeks after.

Maxi health came to the rescue. I gave each child a Mel-O-Chew nightly after Yom Tov and everyone was back to normal in 4 days. It was like a miracle. Thank you for helping us to create ever-lasting family memories.

Mrs. G of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, on 6/22/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

Many times my mother has a hard time falling asleep. Now, all she has to do is pop two Mel-O-Chews in her mouth and she is out for the night.

S.H. From Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, on 5/28/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

My children and I used to suffer from colds all throughout the winter. Since I discoverer Maxi Biotic, I have seen tremendous results. As soon as I feel the first symptoms of a cold, I take it and the cold disappears. Thank you so much for your wonderful products!

Mrs. S of Williamsburg, NY, on 5/18/2014 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

My husband who is on a low carb diet purchased Chromium Supreme and experienced his cravings for starchy foods vanish in a short time. This enabled him to keep his weight loss program craving free. Thank you for helping my husband to continue leading a healthier lifestyle.

Mrs. L of Boropark, NY, on 5/16/2014 reviewed Chromium Supreme™

I'm a young woman with Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed at age 21. Part of health program is to take supplements. My experience has been that your products work the best. I take One to One Cal Max, Relax to the Max, your fish oil, multi and vitamin D3, magnesium and your probiotics. Thank you for your great products.

MG of Borough Park, Brooklyn, on 5/11/2014 reviewed One to One Cal Max™

Thanks for advertising your Panto C Liquid. I bought it for my son. My daughter was happy with it too.

C.J. of Lakewood, NJ, on 5/7/2014 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

My daughter, a three year old had repeated sore throats. While advised to give antibiotics, I tried your Maxi Premium EPO. She hasn't had a sore throat for a year!

Mrs. A of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, on 5/6/2014 reviewed Maxi Premium EPO™

I had an annual check-up a few months ago. The blood work indicated that vitamin D was low. Supplementation was advised. I got great results with Chew D Max 2000.

Z.B. of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, on 5/6/2014 reviewed Chew D Max 2000™

After taking my daughter to the doctor, tests showed that her vitamin D level was very very low. We started giving her Maxi D3 1000 and by the end of the month, her levels doubled which was normal for her.

L.A. of Boropark, NY, on 5/5/2014 reviewed Maxi D3 1000™

I can truly say that my two children had a healthy winter. I gave them your Kyolic Liquid. Thanks for helping to keep our children healthy and strong!

LL of Besonhurst, Brooklyn, on 5/4/2014 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

For 4 years my little sister had the same problem. It took 2 hours for her to fall asleep.Since we gave her Mel-O-Chew she sleeps normally. Thanks to Maxi Health.

N.L.A., on 5/4/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I was never able to fall asleep without a long delay. My mother said that there was a vitamin that would help so she bought me Mel-O-Chew. Since then I always fall asleep promptly. Thank you so much. I love it.

A.M.S. from Boropark, on 5/4/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

One summer, I decided to invest in Maxi Omega 3 Mood Formula, known to improve the mood. I noticed a definite lift in my mood after a short time, but was still skeptical about attributing it to the fish oil.
One day, I thought to myself that it must really be in my imagination, since I felt better that day, and I hadn't taken the capsule. Suddenly I did remember - I had grabbed a capsule on the way out, and had taken it!

S.B. of Boropark, NY, on 5/2/2014 reviewed ZZZ Maxi Omega 3™ Mood Formula

I take Chewable Yummie Calm and it helps me relax in school. It's great for my anxiety and related issues. Thank you for this great formula

R.C. of Boropark, NY, on 4/30/2014 reviewed

I had recurring pimples in my mouth. B-12 Lozenges solved my problem. My mouth was clear in a few days and has been since!

S.S. from Boropark, NY, on 4/29/2014 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

A few months ago we noticed that I had a bald spot on my head. Mother took me to the doctor who wanted to administer a cortizone injection. The health food store recommended Maxi Skin H&N. My hair looks better and there is no sign of the bald spot. Thank you for this wonder product. It really works!

G.S of Willaimsburg, NY, on 4/29/2014 reviewed Maxi Skin H&N™

A few weeks ago I was lying in bed with the flu. I had been taking Motrin and Tylenol but didn't feel any better. I only felt much better after taking Maxi Biotic.

E.A. of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on 4/29/2014 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

Trying to fall asleep was a nightmare for me.. I use to lie in bed for over 2 hours or more. Some suggested that I try Mel-O-Chew. Now it takes me less than 20 minutes. Finally, I have a good night's sleep. Thank you.

K.K of Williamsburg NY, on 4/29/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

My son had a very difficult time falling asleep, every night. The pediatrician recommended that he take a melatonin supplement. After trying other brands we had success with Mel-O-Chew. Its been a tremendous change for the better for him. Thank you!

Mrs. B of Boropark, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

My younger brother has to take antibiotics very often. Mother bought the Probiotic 5M and now he does not suffer with diarrhea.

S.F of Boropark, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Probiotic 5M™

I have benefited greatly by taking Cal-Max. It has helped reduce headache pain and backaches. I sleep more deeply and wake up more rested. I also found that plaque removal is easier when my teeth are cleaned. Your vitamins are so beneficial.

S.Z. of Boropark, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Cal Max™

I use to suffer from allergies. The Panto C we got at the health food store helped like magic, right away!

H.H. of Williamsburg, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

I had a metallic taste in my mouth. I took Maxi B 50 Complex and it worked like magic. It even gave me more strength to clean for Passover. Not only that, I don't need to drink four cups of coffee a day anymore. I recommended it to my mother and husband.

L.H. of Parkville, Brooklyn, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Maxi B 50 Complex™

Mother has me take Chewable Maxi Digest every time before breakfast and my stomach doesn't bother me any more.

F.J. of Williamsburg, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Chewable Maxi Digest™

I had a very bad cold. My mother gave me Maxi Chew D Max 2000 and the cold went away. I am very happy that we had it available to help me feel better.

D.Z. of Williamsburg, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Chew D Max 2000™

I went to one of the Expo's where Maxi Health was participating. I was recommended to take Chewable Maxi Prenatal because I felt very weak during my pregnancy. Within days I felt like a different person! Thank you!

P.B. of Williamsburg, NY, on 4/27/2014 reviewed Chewable Maxi Prenatal™

My brother often as strep. Between that and the medication he is often weak after it. Maxi Health's Chewable Oraldophilus helps him bounce back.

M. Rotenberg, on 4/24/2014 reviewed Chewable Oraldophilus™

My son is a difficult one and is on various medications for different reasons which we are slowly trying to replace with Maxi Health supplements. In the meantime we are using Max Relax and its really showing improvement for him.The Mel-O-Chew chew saves him from his sleep issues related to the medication.

Y.C. of Boropark, NY, on 4/23/2014 reviewed Max Relax™ (Tablets or Capsules)

My son is a difficult one and is on various medications for different reasons which we are slowly trying to replace with Maxi Health supplements. In the meantime we are using Max Relax and its really showing improvement for him.The Mel-O-Chew chew saves him from his sleep issues related to the medication.

Y.C. of Boropark, NY, on 4/23/2014 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I have been using Maxi Biotic almost daily for a few years. I used to get colds very often. Since I use Maxi Biotic I am thankfully cold free. It's a great product and I let my family and afriends know how beneficial it is. Thank you!

Y.G., on 4/23/2013 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

When my children come down with a virus, I give them 1 teaspoon of Maxi Immune Support with a teaspoon of Maxi Buffered C Powder to supress the high fever instead of Tylenol. Usually the virus is gone in a day or two.

M. Moskovits, on 4/23/2013 reviewed Immune Support™ (Orange Flavor)1

Your products are superb! After my baby, I felt very weak. Someone suggested that I start taking Naturemax powder. Not only did I get increased energy, but I found that the milk supply for nursing increased. It tastes great when you make it in a Drinkmaster combined with lots of milk.

T.Z., on 4/21/2013 reviewed Naturemax™

I would like to express my gratitude to Maxi Health for Naturemax. My 5 year old son is very picky with his food and eats mostly snack food. After giving him Naturemax he is looking much stronger and healthier than in the past. He also has more energy to play and run with his friends than before. Thank you so much.

L.S., on 4/4/2013 reviewed Naturemax™

My 4 year old son used to have a lot of colds and ear infections. Now, since he takes Kyolic he stopped having colds and ear infections. It's really like magic.

M.L., on 1/25/2013 reviewed Maxi Kyolic®

I really thank you for your wonderful product, Kiddie Boost. It really helped my toddler. Thankfully she hasn't had any ear infections or cold since she took it.

L. Gutman, on 1/8/2013 reviewed Kiddie Boost™

A friend told me to give my son who was suffering from bed wedding a daily dose of omega-3, and she was amazed with the results of Omega yums 2000.

Chany S., on 12/3/2012 reviewed Omega Yums 2000™

My sister got a burn on her face and stomach. The hospital burn unit told her that she should take a lot of Vitamin C. She stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. When she came home, my mother gave her Maxi Vitamin C and now any sign of the burn is gone.

I. Holtzman, on 10/15/2012 reviewed Max C 1000™


I've been taking the maxi health lactation pure and more and it's really improved my milk supply.

N. P.

N., on 9/3/2012 reviewed Maxi Lactation Pure & More™

I used to feel very dizzy all day till i was a lucky winner of "scratch a max" and won a bottle of Maxi Methyl DMG. I started taking it and the dizziness dissapeared!! Thanks. Keep up your great work!.

Bedford Hills NY

Y S, on 8/13/2012 reviewed Maxi Methyl DMG Plus

I have suffered from Crohn's Disease and Colits for 16 years. This has left me anemic even though I had been taking ferrous sulfate. After 2 months of taking Maxi liquid iron Ferrochel the doctor tested me again. She said that I am no longer anemic! A year later I am still not anemic! This stuff is the best!

V.H, on 7/25/2012 reviewed Maxi Liquid Iron Concentrate™

I used to suffer from allergies every summer. I coughed and sneezed a lot. Since I started taking Maxi D3 Concentrate, I feel much better. Thank you for your wonderful products.

T.F., on 7/23/2012 reviewed Maxi D3 Concentrate™

I would like to share my Maxi Health success story. I was made aware by a nutritionist kinesiologist that I was low in calcium although I was taking a competitors calcium supplements, twice daily. My nutritionist tested different brands that he had on hand to see which was most effective for me and Maxi Health proved to be best! I also had a similar experience with 5m Probiotic. It was interesting to note that when I switched over to Maxi Health's Cal Max, my nursing baby's runny nose cleared up promptly.

C.R., on 7/1/2012 reviewed Cal Max™

I used Maxi ITC for my daughter. She was always nervous and unfocused. For the last three years that we have used it, she is calm and relaxed and is focusing better in school. She is doing wonderfully. Thanks!

M.S., on 6/20/2012 reviewed Maxi ITC™

We have had to battle fatigue but we are more energetic now thanks to green energy.

Y.P., on 6/13/2012 reviewed Maxi Green Energee™ (Capsules and Powder)

My husband used to get sick often with all different ailments and had poor stamina. Since taking the Kyolic tablets, he is much healthier.

E.W. of Brooklyn, NY, on 5/31/2012 reviewed Maxi Kyolic®

I was told by my doctor that my calcium level is low. As a woman I was concerned. My calcium level is fine now and my doctor and I are very happy.

F. Stein, on 5/25/2012 reviewed Cal Max™

I used the Naturemax Chocolate in the morning and find myself having the strength each day to take care of my kids and also maintain my weight. It is a life saver. When I don't have time to eat breakfast, I use it to replace a meal. I find it as satisfying as the cereal I would normally eat. I use it daily.

C.C., on 5/25/2012 reviewed

When I was 2 years old my hair was very thin. My parents gave me Naturemax Plus (Strawberry) with B12 Lozenges and now I have thicker hair.

F. A., on 5/24/2012 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

It is my pleasure to share with you how Maxi Health vitamins relieved by pain and improved the quality of my life. During pregnancy I suffered from muscle craps in the calves of my legs. After taking the Maxi Health Cal-Max, to my immense relief, the craps completely stopped.

Y. W., on 5/24/2012 reviewed Cal Max™

I had many blisters in my mouth. I started taking Chewable Yummie C 250. I was in great pain but now I don't have any. I was in great pain.

E. B., on 5/24/2012 reviewed Yummie C!™ Cherry, Bubble Gum, or Grape

Every day I use to wake up with a terrible headache. I just could not stand it. After seeing the nutritionist he told me to take Maxi Health D3. The difference is great. Thanks again.

Shaindy F, on 5/22/2012 reviewed Maxi D3 1000™

Thank you so much with providing such top quality products! My family and I are feeling much better every day thanks to you! My husband didn't always have enough energy to get through the day. Now he takes his B12 tablets every day and it gives him alot of much needed strength. Thank you!

Mrs. Herskowitz, on 5/22/2012 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

We would like to share our experience with Mel-O Chews.
We have young children that complain to us that they cannot fall asleep at night and have trouble waking up. We have a solution by giving them Mel-O Chews and all they have to do after taking them is to relax in bed and they soon have sweet dreams. When we travel overseas The whole family takes Mel-O Chews for compensate for jet lag!

A. W., on 5/21/2012 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I chose this multi because the ingredients seemed high quality & it also contains some supplementation of vegetables. I only had to take one per day, did not cause any upset stomach. It was great for me as I had nausea for the whole 1st trimester!

This vitamin was just what my baby needed!

L. Feldman, on 5/9/2012 reviewed Maxi Health One Prenatal™

My infant was terribly constipated for a few days, I tried many things to help my child, which didn't work. I went to Supreme Health Food Store (friendly educated staff), they recommended this fantastic product Premium EFA, which did the job!!!

Brooklyn Mom, on 5/1/2012 reviewed Maxi Premium EFA™ (Essential Fatty Acids)

This is really good! One's stomach feels really good inside, and it gets you back on track. Recommend it highly!

Family Cohen, on 4/29/2012 reviewed Maxi Active Pro 50™

I take 5 scoops of this amazing product at the onset of a cold or any sore throat symptoms. The next day i feel great, i forget that i was under the weather.

R. F., on 4/25/2012 reviewed Buffered C Powder™

This is a gr8 product! I took 2 teaspoonful mixed with liquids and the next day I felt more energetic.

Frank, on 4/22/2012 reviewed Maxi Green Supreme™

I wanted very much to nurse clean. I tried many supplements. Nothing helped until I started on the Maxi Lactation Pure and More. The results were amazing. I am forever grateful. Thank you.

P R, on 4/5/2012 reviewed Maxi Lactation Pure & More™

I'm using it for my little one. it helps wonderful! Thanks Maxi!

Chana E., on 4/5/2012 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

The Chew D 400 is smaller than your regular chewable, which is fantastic, and it breaks down very easily when you chew it (not hard like some others).

M. Klien, on 4/4/2012 reviewed Chew D Max 400™

This product is great for nursing clean, I took 2 caps at bedtime & it really helped me. Thx!

Peshy, on 3/25/2012 reviewed Formula 605™

My son who is 9 years old has a eczema on his hand. We could not get rid of it with cream with cortisone. Since I started giving him Maxi Active Pro 5 I have seen a major improvement.

Family F., on 2/29/2012 reviewed Maxi Active Pro 5™ Woman's Probiotic

I suffered from sinus for many years. After taking Glutamax, Ester C, and Pantomax Supreme. I was able to stop taking prescribed medication. Thanks to Maxi Health!

F. Stern, on 2/21/2012 reviewed

My brother had trouble falling asleep every single night. He was up for hours. With Maxi Health Mel-O-Chews the problem was resolved completely. He is now sleeping very well at night. Thank you very much.

E. K., on 2/15/2012 reviewed Mel O Chew™

When my throat hurt, it was very uncomfortable. Sometimes at night I get out of bed and take Kyolic and it helps even as I swallow it.

Miriam R, on 2/15/2012 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I really appreciate your products and vitamins. I would especially love to thank you for your Panto C Liquid. My little sister doesn't eat enough and therefore her immune system is not as strong. My mother found out about Panto C and gave it to her. My sister loves the taste and she is healthier.

Chaya W., on 2/9/2012 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

For months my children had a difficult time falling asleep. I was exhausted from the bed time ordeals. The children were hard to wake and missing the school buses. We tried everything anyone would suggest to us. The schools were informing us of their lack of attention and inquiring about reasons for the constant lateness. It was embarrassing to say the least. My life saver came in the form of Maxi Health Mel-O-Chews. Now after dinner they get one as a yummy tasting treat and they are asleep 20 minutes later. Thanks so much

L Family, on 2/6/2012 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I love your vitamins. I feel so much better after taking them. Your Kyolic, Kiddievite, Maxi Omega 3, and Panto C.

Chaya G., on 2/2/2012 reviewed Chewable Kiddievite™

I am 10 years old and trying to lose weight. I was always hungry and looking for nosh. I started taking Maxi thin supreme and D & S Support a few minutes before each meal. Now I can't even finish my plate of food. I also take Naturemax Plus every morning. So far I feel like it is working and controlling my appetite. Thank you so much.

Isaac W., on 2/2/2012 reviewed Maxi Thin Supreme™

I took 7M Supreme acidophilus for a yeast infection and it got rid of it. Thanks.

M Family, on 2/2/2012 reviewed Maxi 7M Supreme™

In our refrigerator we have Maxi Health Panto C Elderberry Extract (with Elderberry extract). When signs of a cold arrive, the kids take some and never end up with the actual cold. We expect it to help for the rest of the winter.

Deutsch Family, on 2/2/2012 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

When my throat hurts it is very uncomfortable. When I can't sleep because of it at night, I get out of bed and take Maxi Kyolic 400. It relieves the pain even as I swallow it!

Miriam R, on 2/2/2012 reviewed Maxi Kyolic®

I use to suffer constantly from colds, especially on Shabbos mornings. Since I started taking Max-C from Maxi Health every monring, I rarely have a cold. Thanks for your great products!

H.B., on 2/2/2012 reviewed Max C 1000™

My 18 month old daughter had allergies and eczema. We gave her Panto C and it cleared up with no reoccurances! Thanks to Maxi Health.

Family G, on 2/2/2012 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

We are writing to you the success my children had taking Chew-D-Max 1000. They are calmer and care concentrating better. We are thankful for all your great vitamins. Our cabinet is filled with Maxi Health Products. Thank you very much

Mailed by Family L, on 2/1/2012 reviewed Chew D Max 1000™

I am very busy until late into the night. I go to bed after returning from working out at the gym. This makes it hard to fall asleep. I tried Mel-O Chews. Not only does it help me to fall asleep but I sleep deeply for hours. I found as a body builder that sometimes I require 5 chews to help me fall asleep but you can feel the effects from one of them. I recommend this great product to everyone I meet. Thank you Maxi Health.

yehuda judkovitz, on 1/30/2012 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I take Maxi Biotic regularly and despite weather changes, did not experience a cold yet.

Bracha T., on 1/30/2012 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

I've been suffering from reoccurring UTI, since I take the Cranmax together with Maxi UTI I'm a different person.

Anonymous, on 1/25/2012 reviewed Maxi UTI

I have been suffering from night sweats & mood swings for a while, till my health food store recommended Maxi Health Black Cohosh & Dong Quai liquid extract. Thank goodness I am a new person.

Lisa , on 1/17/2012 reviewed Black Cohosh & Dong Quai Root™

I always had a hard time going to sleep and waking up in the morning. I tried all types of vitamins and nothing helped until I decided I'm going to try the Maxi- Cal and it worked excellent. Since than I don't have any more problems going to sleep and waking up in the morning, Thank You!

Mailed by: Braver, on 12/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Cal™

Every day, when I come home from school I feel very weak and tired, and I can't do homework. One day, my mother brought me the Maxi Health Multi and after a few days I saw a major difference in my life.

Mailed by: R. J., on 12/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Teen Supreme™ Hers

Thank you for all your wonderful products! Our vitamin cabinet is well stocked with many useful Maxi Health Vitamins, which we use for prevention to keep us healthy and for curing some small ailments where we try to avoid antibiotics.

One product we've had tremendous success for many years is the Maxi Health Kyolic. We drop it into an infected ear for ear infections instead of giving antibiotics and we've had lots of success with it! Keep up your great products!

Mailed by: Werzberger Family, on 12/21/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

My 7 year old suffered from sensitive lungs. A pulmonary specialist perscirbed the drug Albuteral but we tried Maxi Health Kiddievite, Panto C, and Kiddie Boost instead. After 6 months, there is barely a cough!

Mailed by: U. Mittelman, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Chewable Kiddievite™

After taking Maxi Omega 3, 2000 for two weeks, I stopped suffering from acne! Thanks for being the cure.

Mailed by: F.M., on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Omega 3™ 2000

My brother once had a major ear infection and the antibiotics weren't helping enough. My mother gave him Yummie Oraldophilus and he got much better, right a way!

Mailed by C.S., on 11/21/2011 reviewed Yummie Oraldophilus™

My 3 year old had frequent colds and ear infections. A neighbor whose child had the same problem recommended Maxi Liquid Kyolic.Two and a half years have passed and we have been to the doctor rarely! Now all my children take the Kyolic!

Mailed by: Ekstein Family, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I was suffering from rough skin around my fingers until I was told to take Lysine Complex. Now I have no problem with my skin anymore.

Mailed by: M. Braner, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Lysine Complex™

I am 13 years old and I had fluid in my ears. I tried Omega Yums and now I don't have the problem with fluid.

Mailed by: R. Schlesinger, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

My brother used to get sick every 4 to 6 weeks. He was given Yummie Oraldophilus, Maxi Cleanse and Chewable Kiddievite. We saw great improvement.

Mailed by: R. Rawicki, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Chewable Kiddievite™

My daughter is 2 years old and sometimes has a very runny nose. I give her Maxi Premium EFA, 3 to 4 times a day and it clears her nose!

Mailed by: F. Rosenfeld, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Premium EFA™ (Essential Fatty Acids)

My son was having constant ear infections. A friend recommended Liquid Kyolic. After 6 weeks we saw a drastic change for the better.

Mailed to: Salamon Family, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I have a child that could not sit still for anything but a short time. I gave him B12 Lozenges with some other Maxi Health products and now sitting still is not a problem. Thank you.

Mailed by: M. Z., on 11/21/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

I struggled to lose weight until Mr. Friedman told me to take Naturemax and Chromium Supreme and I successfully lost 25 lbs!

Mailed by: S. Treger, on 11/21/2011 reviewed

About a year ago my mother gave me Omega Yums. It helped me improve my concentration at school. Thank you for making these excellent vitamins and supplements!

Mailed by: Esther S., on 11/21/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

Since I am allergic to dairy products, I use Cal Max as a great source of my calcium intake. It's a great product & we use many Maxi Health products for our entire family!

Mailed by: C. Kohn, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Cal Max™

I was tense and anxious and was recommended to take Omega 3 fish oil. Maxi Omega-3 Mood Formula helped me.

Mailed by: Y. A., on 11/21/2011 reviewed ZZZ Maxi Omega 3™ Mood Formula

My sensitivity to pollen has become worse over the last few years. I was given medicines to be taken with a nebulizer and told to use Pulmicort, a steroid. Instead I took Pantomax Supreme. Now I am free of inhailers and other drugs. Maxi Health really does the job for me!

Mailed by: H. F, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Pantomax Supreme™

My child used to come home from school, craving sweets and acting wild! It was suggested to me to give her CalciYum. After a couple of days the condition improved. Now all the children are taking it!

Mailed by: Panet Family, on 11/21/2011 reviewed

We are very greatful for Maxi Biotic 450. It helps the entire family if we catch colds or feel run-down. We are happy not to have to take anti-biotics.

Mailed by: Waldman, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

Since we started taking Maxi D3-1000 we have much less colds. We give our children the chewable version and they have less colds and ear infections! Thank you.

Mailed by: M. Masher, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi D3 1000™

When I take Hi-Po Dophilus, I don't have yeast infections. Thank you for these wonderful products.

Mailed by: R. Perl, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Hi Po Dophilus™

I am taking Omega Yums and my health is much better!

Mailed by: M. Rapaport, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

In the morning rush at home, I rarely have time to prepare breakfast. I now drink a cup of Nature-Max in the morning and it gives me energy that I need until lunch!

Mailed by: C. Schwartz, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Naturemax™

I took Mel-O-Chew and it helped me fall asleep. I am not tired during the day and function much better. Thank you.

Mailed by: S. Reich, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

My son would constantly get out of bed because he could not fall asleep. I gave him a Mel-O Chew and to everyone's surprise, he was fast asleep in 15 minutes. Thank you Maxi-Health for this wonderful sleep aid.

Mailed by: Rubinstein Family, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I use Maxi Biotic-450 when I feel like I am coming down with a cold or flu. After just a few doses I feel like I am back to normal. It works like an antibiotic. Thank you so much.

Mailed by: Schwartz Family, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

Every winter I use to get dry skin and tiny warts. I took chewable Omega Yums. My skin is now fine and I no longer get the warts!

Mailed by: C. Rubin, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

My 6 month-old baby was always congested, it affected her eating and sleeping. I tried Maxi Kyolic Liquid which helped to clear up the congestion!

D. Weinberger, on 11/21/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I was having trouble falling asleep. My mother gave one Mel O Chew and Chewable Calci-Yum before I go to sleep. I can sleep much better now.

C. Hirsch, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I use to suffer from sinusitis and the prescribed antibiotics use to make me feel very weak. The local health food store recommended Pure Way C-Max and other Maxi Health products, which solved my problem!

YH, on 11/17/2011 reviewed PureWay C® Max

My 2 year old daughter had frequent ear infections. I was concerned that repeated antibiotics might weaken her immune system. I decided to go the natural way with Maxi Health Kyolic Liquid and Vitamin C. After a month she no longer gets ear infections!

Feder Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

Since the children and I take Maxi Chew-D-Max 1000 we have less colds. I take Maxi 7M Supreme to build up my immune system against yeast and allergies.

Mailed by: Mrs. F, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi 7M Supreme™

We use Formula 605 when we can't fall asleep. It helps very much.

Mailed by: Lichtenstein Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Formula 605™

My sixteen year old had a bad cold with a runny nose, sore throat, etc. After a few days of Maxi Buffered Vitamin C Powder all the symptoms started to disappear. Now we all take it to prevent colds.

Mailed by: T. Weber, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Buffered C Powder™

I frequently had a cold and a runny nose that would last many weeks. Someone recommended Maxi Biotic 450. For the first time in weeks my nose was dry! Whenever I get a cold, I take it. Thanks a lot

Mailed by: S. Rotenberg, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

As a teacher and a mother I was finding it hard to find the energy to meet my responsibilities. My pharmacy recommended B-50 Complex. It did wonders for me! Within a short amount of time, I felt more energetic than I had in months. Thank you Maxi Health!

Mailed by: E.H., on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi B 50 Complex™

I have an energetic 2-1/2 year old daughter. Every night, I was hardly able to get her to fall asleep before 11:00 pm. I heard about Maxi Health Mel-O-Chew. It's a treat for her and is saving me from having to stay up late. Thank you so much!

L. Meisles, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I had repeated infections in urine and thrush. After starting to take Maxi 7M Supreme everything went away! Thanks for your products.

Mailed by: Lazar Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi 7M Supreme™

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. As a young mother I was not ready to take on a medication regiment if it was possible to avoid it. I took Maxi Omega 3 and CH Control, and Red Yeast Rice. After several weeks my cholesterol went back to normal.

Mailed by: Sofer Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed CH Control™

My two-year-old son got a rash on his cheeks from eating summer fruits. Maxi Health recommended Maxi 5M and Maxi Premium Primrose Oil and it cleared up. We can give him summer fruits to eat without worry by continuing the supplements

Mailed by: The Mann Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi 5M™

My now eight year old had been on antibiotics nearly constantly, from when he was born until he was about three. I was a permanent fixture at the doctor's office, sometimes visiting a few times a week. Each time, he was diagnosed with something else – a sinus infection, ear infection, throat, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. By the time he was two years old, the doctor recommended that we get his adenoids removed, and the ENT agreed with the diagnosis. Surgery on a toddler in not pleasant, and this was no exception. I waited with bated breath to see the wonderful results. However, they never came. Shortly thereafter, I found myself at the pediatrician again, and the ENT again. Finally, I spoke to somebody, who recommended giving him elevated levels of Vitamin C, and Kyolic. Finally! Whenever I was “good” about giving him the vitamins, he went happily off to cheder each day. As soon as I lapsed in giving it to him, like Erev Pesach, the effects were immediate. His nose started running again, and we were on to the next antibiotic. Baruch Hashem, Maxi Health's products were there to help him, until he outgrew this cycle.

Mailed by: Goldy, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

My children used to suffer from pinworms and I couldn't get rid of it. It constantly came back. My healthfood store and pediatrician recommended Maxi Health Kyolic and my kids actually liked it. When I gave it on a daily basis, I finally was able to avoid the problem.

Mailed by: H. Gross, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

Dear Maxi Health. I had many sinus infections, which ended up with temperature and antibiotics. Then I found out about Maxi Biotic. The next time it reoccurred I didn't wait, instead I took Maxi Biotic for a few days. It got better right away and disappeared. Thanks for such a miraculous vitamin!

Mailed by: Chaya Stern, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

My 2 year old, had constant runny nose, coughing and colds. I started giving Kyolic and Panto C with Elderberry extract. The results came right away. I told my family and friends about this amazing product.

Mailed by: Chana Schwartz, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

Our 3-year-old sister had very little and very dry hair. A friend suggested we try Maxi Omega Yums. After taking it for one week our sister's hair became thicker and shiny. When friends and family asked us what we did to her hair Omega 3 is the answer.

Mailed by: The Katz Family, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

Dear Maxi Health,

My daughter had difficulties paying attention to school work and had behavioral issues... I started giving her Liquid Omega 3, which had a tasty lemon flavor. We have seen major results in her schoolwork, and behavior became a lot better. Thanks to the amazing results of Maxi Health Omega 3 suited for children.

Mailed by: Walter, on 11/17/2011 reviewed

To Maxi Health,

My brother was constantly sick. He had ear infections, strep, cellulites, herpes, and mono. Since my mother started giving him Kiddie Boost and B12 Lozenges, he feels perfectly fine. Thank You!

Mailed By: Frimmy Rubin, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Kiddie Boost™

After waking up with a terrible cold one day I took a handful of Maxi D3 it worked wonders!

Mailed By: Branny Fried, on 11/17/2011 reviewed Maxi D3 2000™

When I was told my daughter was allergic to milk, dairy products we were searching for some form of calcium added to her diet, which she should like. We finally found the Calci-Yum Strawberry Flavor vitamin which she loved. Thanks for making it easier for us!

Mailed by: Wasserman, on 11/17/2011 reviewed

I use Maxi Biotic 450 when I feel like I am coming down with a cold for flu. After just a few doses I feel like I am back to normal. It works like an antibiotic! Thank you so much.

Schwartz Family, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

I use your Hi-PO Dophilus every day. I suffered from yeast and thrush while nursing. Now I do not itch. It's a life saver!

Mailed by: Y. B., on 11/16/2011 reviewed Hi Po Dophilus™

Thank you for providing great vitamins for our family. Recently my daughter had viral diarrhea for 2 weeks. We purchased Yummie Oradophilus which tastes great and made the diarrhea disappear!

Mailed by: M.D., on 11/16/2011 reviewed Yummie Oraldophilus™

I had weeks where I felt letdown, lazy, light headed, and stressed. Now I take the amazing Maxi Omega-3 Mood Formula. Thanks.

Mailed by: Weissman Family, on 11/16/2011 reviewed ZZZ Maxi Omega 3™ Mood Formula

I am a mother of 5 children. Every winter the children were constantly having colds and out of school. It would seem to spread from one to the other. Now they all take Chew-Max 1000 and their attendance at school is beautiful.

Mailed by: C. Schwartz, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Chew D Max 1000™

A member of our family has digestive problems. Since taking B12 Lozenges and Maxi D3-1000 they no longer need the prescribed medication. May you continue your great work helping people!

Mailed by: R. Mendlowitz, on 11/16/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

My 5 year old had a chronic runny nose in summer and in winter. Instead of getting him antibiotics we give him Maxi M5 and within days it clears up completely

Mailed by: E. Schwartz, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Maxi 5M™

After my third child was born I had trouble falling asleep easily and had trouble relaxing. Since I started taking B12 Lozenges in the morning, I am more relaxed and sleep peacefully.

Mailed by: H. Friedman, on 11/16/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

My father had a cold and took Maxi Health B12 Lozenges and he got relief. Every time he gets a cold now, he takes them and it helps.

Mailed by: M. Portugal, on 11/16/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

After waking up with a terrible cold one day, I took Maxi D3-1000 and I started to get better.

Mailed by: B Fried, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Maxi D3 1000™

As autumn approached, my children developed runny noses. A nutritionist told me to give them Maxi Kyolic 400 and Vitamin C and within a week we saw major results.

Mailed by: Felberbaum Family, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Maxi Kyolic®

My son, age 10 was complaining that his feet hurt him. He was skinny, not eating well, did not have much energy. We bought Kyolic Garlic Extract and gave it to him twice a day. He looks healthier and is showing improvement in school. His other siblings want to take it also. Thank you for this product.

Mailed by: G.F., on 11/16/2011 reviewed Maxi Kyolic®

My mommy recalls when she was tossing and turning every night trying to get to sleep. Mel O Max solved the problem.

Mailed by: Mendy E., on 11/16/2011 reviewed Mel O Max™

One of my children had to take antibiotics and as a result was troubled with thrush, rashes, and itching. We tried Yummie Oraldophilus and the problem was solved!

Mailed by: T. Levy, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Yummie Oraldophilus™

I had a bad cold. I took Kiddie Max Vitamin C with Zinc and Pantothenic Acid and I felt better.

Mailed by:B Lemel, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Kiddie Boost™

My child was suffering from extreme fatigue and was diagnosed with Mono. At the health food store they recommended Maxi Health B-12 Lozenges along with DMG and Olive supreme. Within 48 hours our child was his normal self. Thank you. Maxi Health vitamins will always be #1 with me.

Mailed by: Greenfeld Family, on 11/16/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

Our three year old had very little and dry hair. A friend suggested that we try Maxi Health Omega Yums. After taking it for one week we saw her hair getting thicker and shinier. Thank you Maxi Health!

Mailed by: Liberman Family, on 11/16/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

I do believe that maxi 5M is a must when taking antibiotics. My family members do not get stomach cramps or diarrhea when we take them together!

Mailed by: R. Getz, on 11/15/2011 reviewed Maxi 5M™

I had a lot of hardship trying to fall asleep. Everyone we asked including my doctor recommended Mel O Chew by Maxi Health before bed. Thank you so much for having a product that allows me to have the maximum amount of sleep each night!

Mailed by: Chaya W., on 11/15/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

I had a severe lack of energy after having my second child. A nutritionist suggested that I take a green powder and the health food store recommended Maxi Health Green Energy. Now I am full of energy. I am satisfied to the utmost. Thanks!

Mailed by: F. Brull, on 11/15/2011 reviewed Maxi Green Energee™ (Capsules and Powder)

My daughter of 6 years old had serious eczema on her back and knees. Someone recommended that I give her Maxi Health Chew-D-Max-400. After a few weeks the eczema disappeared!

Mailed by N.S, on 11/15/2011 reviewed Chew D Max 400™

I have a severe bleeding condition and was suffering with uncontrollable nosebleeds for all of my life. I tried various homeopathic remedies but saw no results until I tried Maxi Health. I am having outstanding results by taking Pure C Bio 600, Green Vitality, 7M Supreme, and Yummie C 250. Thanks.

Mailed by: L.W., on 11/15/2011 reviewed Pure C Bio 600™

Eight months ago I became a new mother. After a few weeks I started to suffer with fatigue and listlessness. Upon the recommendation of my doctor, I resumed taking Maxi Ferrochel 25 Iron formula which I had stopped taking after the baby was born. The anemia, which I suffered from, was cured and my energy restored. I am one happy mother now. Thank you Maxi Health!

Mailed by M.Goldberger, on 11/15/2011 reviewed Maxi Ferrochel 25™

My husband uses your Max Relax and we see wonderful results. He is a lot calmer and relaxed. Thanks for your wonderful work.

Mailed by: Cheryl F., on 11/15/2011 reviewed Max Relax™ (Tablets or Capsules)

It happened when I started having hard times. I didn't have the energy to walk home from school, carry my bags, etc. When I told my mother about it, she told me to go to sleep earlier. With no results after two weeks, it was suggested that I take Maxi Health B12 Lozenges. I highly recommend it as an excellent chewable vitamin for children and adults.

Mailed by: Gitty M., on 11/15/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™

I was shopping at my local health food store in Toronto for my usual super food mix, wondering exactly which formula I was getting at what percentage. Sure, some had antioxidants but what about Vitamins? I found Naturemax sitting on the shelf at the Healthy Planet (store located in Toronto), and not only did it have vitamins and at quite excellent values, it also had protein plus antioxidants, all from seemingly high quality pure sources and extremely affordable as well. At this rate I will be buying this delicious easy to mix drink for the foreseeable future.

Simply amazing, a dream come true, health and peace of mind that wont leave me completely broke.

Greg, on 11/7/2011 reviewed Naturemax™

My mother always gives us Vitamin C in the winter. At one point she stopped giving us Vitamin C and we came down with a cold. My mother realized that it might be because she stopped giving it to us. She started giving us the vitamins again, we felt much better. Thanks to your vitamins!

Mailed By: Children of the Fogel Family, on 11/7/2011 reviewed Yummie C!™ Cherry, Bubble Gum, or Grape

Dear Maxi Health

Since I'm allergic to certain fish, Omega Fish Oil was not the best thing for me. Someone gave me advice to use the Flax Caps I'm very happy.

Thank You

Mailed by: G. Herskovitz, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi Flax Caps™

Dear Maxi Health Company,

I would like to share an experience with you. I had one child who suffered from the allergy seasons, twice a year. He would get asthma attacks and it was hard for him to catch his breath. I used the nebulizer a lot, along with many medications. However, with the advice of your devoted nutritionist ,Mr. Friedman, I was able to successfully get rid of the problem. Two to three weeks before the allergy season arrived I gave him these vitamins:

Panto C liquid – 1 tsp.
EFA - 1 dropper full
Kyolic – 15 drops

I gave it to him everyday until after the season and I don't have to use the nebulizer and medications.

Mailed by: S. F., on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi Premium EFA™ (Essential Fatty Acids)

My name is Leah. I am 9 years old. Last year I had a hard time concentrating in class. My mother gave me a few vitamins from Maxi Health and now I have an easier time listening in class. Even my teachers see a big difference. Now I am a star student. I will still take the vitamins.

Mailed by: Leah, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi ITC™

Dear Maxi Health

I would like to thank you for your line of vitamins, especially for the kids vitamins. We have a lot of your vitamins and we really enjoy taking them either when we are sick, for prevention or even just to built our immune system. We lately started taking your chewable vitamins. It is just delicious and it makes it so easy for us to take vitamins that doctors or nutritionists are recommending for us. May Hashem help you should be Zochar to continue serving and giving us a good and healthy life.

Mailed by: Thank You!, on 11/2/2011 reviewed

I am just shocked what occurred in the last 2 days. I just received and phone call from the same principal telling me that they began to see a major change in my daughter's behavior! I didn't tell him the secret I just told him that when he sees more improvement that he should let me know asap. We the parents also see major changes in her restlessness. I just can't pay you enough for your great advice.

Mailed by: Laser, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi ITC™

A few weeks ago my 3-year-old daughter suffered from a bad cold. She had a sore throat but not strep. She was coughing very badly and had a terrible runny nose. I went into my local health food store and asked for help. They gave me Panto-C-Elderberry extract and liquid Kyolic.

What should I tell you? One thing: Baruch Hashem! It really helped her get over it quite fast! Thank you for doing such a good job!

Mailed by: Dassi, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

I had very bad allergies and dried skin. I used Maxi Health Omega 3 and my allergies almost healed and I got very soft skin. Thanks a lot!

Mailed by: Chana B., on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi Omega 3™ 2000

My 6-year-old son suddenly lost his hearing. When the doctor checked him out he said that he had fluid in his ears. This was caused by his stuffy clogged nose that's not letting the fluid in his ears drain. He failed the hearing test and was recommended tubes. I went to Supreme Health food store and was recommended to try the liquid Panto C, along with some other drops. I experienced excellent results noticing almost instantly that his airways cleared. Since then Panto C became my favorite. On the onset of a cold with any of my children I use it and I am very pleased with the results.

P.S. My children love the taste of it. I give it as is on a teaspoon.

Mailed by: D. Weiss, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Panto C™ (Liquid)

Here is a real story that can help others too. One day I woke up and I felt terrible! With a sore throat, I was almost sure I had a strep throat. But, I decided to try healing myself naturally. I took 3 Maxi Health Biotic capsules 4 times a day (every four hours) and vitamin C. After two days I felt much better (Baruch Hashem). The third day I forgot already to take it because I almost didn't feel any pain. It's really amazing!!

Mailed by: S. Frank, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Maxi Biotic®

Dear Maxihealth,

The winter starts as usual, cold weather, snow, rain and wind and with it comes the colds, especially the really bad common cold! One kid in the family catches a cold and would always pass it on to the other two. The colds always turn into ear infections and then respiratory infections. It's just awful!

I was talking to a friend one day who said she uses Vitamin C for her kids and it works wonders. Not being such a big believer in vitamins I decided to give it a try anyhow. I mean I had to do something. I bought a bottle of KiddieMax Yummie C 250 and gave it to my son first (he's asthmatic).

Within 2 days his cold was gone. It was amazing and the rest is history!

There is now a bottle of KiddieMax Vitamin C on my counter at all times. It is prepared right near the snacks that the kids take to school each morning. It actually became part of their morning routine.

Thank you would be an understatement but that's the best I can think of!

Mailed by: Thankful Mother, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Yummie C!™ Cherry, Bubble Gum, or Grape

Mel-O-Max helped us get our good night sleep for over 2 years!

I couldn't sleep at night. I didn't know what I should do. My mother asked her friend what she should do. She said that there is an excellent vitamin of Maxi Health. It's called Mel O Max. I took it and it helped me a lot, like magic!

Thanks a million for your yummy vitamins!

Mailed by: Esther G, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Mel O Max™

My daughter was suffering from strep throats badly. We started Maxi Kiddie Boost daily together with Liquid Kyolic. She was amazingly healed.

Thanks to you!

Mailed by: R. Krauss, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Kiddie Boost™

Dear Maxihealth,

I have terrible varicose veins and I was in constant pain. Finally my neighbor told me to try Vitamin E I tried a few different kinds until I found Maxi Health’s Circumax. I have been symptom free ever since and it is now a few years. Thank you so much for a great product. I couldn’t live without it!

Mailed by: G. Schwartz, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Circumax™


My children were getting frequent ear infections. I put them on Kyolic and it really helped. I have 3 children on Kyolic and we rarely have ear infections.

Did you know; Kyolic (15 drops) given to a child with a bad cold and vitamin C and Echinacea can prevent from going to the doctor every two weeks in the winter. Kyolic is also good to give for kids that have pinworms or any kind of parasites, to prevent give every day, 15 drops, (Chewable Oraldophilus can help as well).

Thank you very much

Mailed by: Rechy, on 11/2/2011 reviewed Kyolic® Liquid

To Whom It May Concern:

My kids had a hard time falling asleep at night while in the morning had a hard time coming out of bed. This problem ended, when I discovered through a friend, a fantastic Maxi Health vitamin called Mel-O-Chew.

I must say this works MIRACLES!

About 10 minutes before sleeping time, I give them a dose of Mel-O-Chew and within a few minutes after they’re in bed they are fast asleep. I definitely recommend this vitamin to anyone with this problem.

My success story is regarding the Mel-O-Chew sleep aid. I have one child who has an extremely difficult time falling asleep at night. Although he is young and his bedtime is at 9:00, he often cannot fall asleep until midnight (or beyond!), even when he is tired. I have used Mel-O-Chew with great success. It helps him relax and allow himself to feel drowsy and fall asleep. Mel-O-Chew has made a real difference for my son.

Mailed by: Family S., on 11/2/2011 reviewed Mel O Chew™

Dear Maxi Health,

My son is 6 years old and got strep throat about 6 times last winter. This winter he takes 2 Yummie C’s and one scoop of Kiddie boost and he didn’t get strep this winter.

Thank you

Mailed by: Aaron R., on 11/2/2011 reviewed Yummie C!™ Cherry, Bubble Gum, or Grape

To Whom It May Concern at Maxi Health Research Inc.,

Our family has been and is currently enjoying the amazing results of Maxi Health's quality vitamins. My husband though is specifically seeing superior results with the daily use of Glutamax in his vitamin regimen. He has suffered from Mono and CMV in the past and with lots of Tefilah combined with a powerful vitamin regimen designed by Dr Friedman especially for his problem he has B”H slowly crept out of it.

He is still continuing to take Glutamax as this gives his immune system a powerful boost in this way he gets more energy for his daily chores. He also uses Maxi Green Supreme quite regularly to give him a boost during the day. He is seeing wonderful results from this as well!

With much appreciation!

Mailed By: Family L., on 11/1/2011 reviewed

Dear Maxi Health,

My kids take Omega Yums. They love the taste.

I have a boy, very active. He has a problem sitting still in class. Since he started taking the Omega Yums he began to concentrate in his learning. This made him relaxed more. His teacher sees a big difference.

Mailed By: Malka, on 10/31/2011 reviewed Omega Yums 1000™

I took B12 lozenges being a young mother of challenging kids and I felt that the B12, which I added to my multi, really helped me with energy and stress.

Thank you

Mailed by: Family G., on 10/27/2011 reviewed B12 Lozenges™


It's a pleasure to have such good vitamins that helps everybody for there own needs. I take a lot of vitamins, and really feel the difference - they really work. I want to share a story with you. I'm a nursing mother and I didn't have enough milk, so I took the Maxi Lactation Pure & More and it helped me so much! I feel such a difference since I started taking it.

Thank you Maxi Health for making everybody satisfied. Thanks a million!

Mailed By: Mother, on 5/12/2011 reviewed Maxi Lactation Pure & More™