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Strictly Kosher

We are certified strictly kosher!

badatz Maxi Health Research® is proud to provide you with the highest standard of kashrus by the Orthodox Union and Udvari Kashrus. In addition, many of our products have Badatz with more Badatz products coming soon. While a vitamin may seem simple enough, many include glycerin, stearates, gelatin and flavorings, which can often come from non-kosher sources. A kosher consumer should always be sure to buy kosher certified vitamins and dietary supplements.

The combination of Maxi Health Research®, OU, Udvari Kashruth, and Badatz gives you guaranteed assurance that no effort or expense has been spared in the formulation, production, testing and extensive examination for strict kosher certification. This effort results in Maxi Health Research® always bringing you the most effective, safe, strictly kosher nutritional supplements in the world.

"You can count on Maxi Health Research to bring you only the finest, most active, purest quality kosher and vegetarian supplements available today!"