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Why Maxi Health Research?

Maxi Health Research has been recognized as one of the largest, most professional suppliers of high quality, kosher and vegetarian vitamins, minerals and herbs. Since 1974, Maxi Health Research has developed over 130 nutritional supplements in tablet, capsule, powder, chewable and liquid forms to meet the health needs of the entire family.

Raw Materials

Maxi Health Research's commitment to uncompromising quality begins with its raw materials. We spare no expense or effort in obtaining only the very finest and purest quality raw materials available from all over the globe. Unlike many companies that purchase raw materials primarily based on price, Maxi Health Research knows that the very best does not come easily or inexpensively.

CGMP Standards

Maxi Health Research's products are manufactured to meet or exceed CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Our formulas are completely and thoroughly laboratory tested from raw material evaluation to the finished product with the use of highly technical and extremely sophisticated equipment, to be certain that only the highest quality products possible get the Maxi Health Research stamp of approval.


Vitamin production involves the use of numerous materials that are kosher sensitive. Glycerin, stearates, gelatin and spray dried products are some sensitive items used in vitamins. In addition many products utilize non-kosher enzymes or flavors, which can render the final product as non-kosher as well. As such, the kosher consumer should look for vitamins with a reliable certification. Maxi Health Research is under the strict and reliable supervision of the Orthodox Union (OU) and the Udvari Kashruth (UK). All our raw materials are carefully examined and evaluated to make sure they meet strict kosher standards. Being certified kosher gives the consumer an extra assurance of the purity and quality of our nutritional supplements.

Unique Formulations

Amongst the vast variety of supplements that we produce are some of the most hard to find kosher specialty items. Glucosamine Sulfate (three different formulas), which is also sodium free and hypoallergenic, standardized Grape seed extract (95% polyphenoyls), Olive leaf extract (18% oleuropein) and our unique antioxidant combination of Green Tea, Lutein, DMG etc.

Maxi Health Research has joined Wakunaga of America Inc., the producers of Kyolic® garlic and created Maxi Kyolic in tablet and liquid form and a powerful immune booster, Maxi Biotic 450, which is a unique combination of Kyolic, Echinacea, Spirulina and Enzymax


Poor digestion can impair the absorption of carbohydrates and fats as well as many vitamins and minerals. Digestive enzymes break down the food ingested into smaller particles so the body can better absorb vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Maxi Health Research has developed most of its products with a difference. The difference is ENZYMAX .

Enzymax, a unique and vital digestive enzyme complex of bromelain, papain, amylase, protease and lipase, makes our products more bio-available. This unique blend of ingredients is important for proper digestion, giving you the maximum benefits of our supplements

For better quality, easy to digest, kosher, vegetarian, most advanced nutritional supplements try Maxi Health Research's products and feel the difference!